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Cotswold Lavender


The Aftercare Company

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Cotswold Lavender are a third generation family farm set in the heart of the Cotswold Hills. Lavender was first grown on the farm as a commercial crop in 2000 and thrives in the free draining limestone soils. Crops are steam distilled on the farm to provide the highest quality lavender essential oils used in a modern range of products.

Body & Face has worked closely with Cotswold Lavender almost from the start. Four initial products have been redeveloped to remove parabens and make the most of the natural essential oils.

The Cotswold Lavender range is not only sold from the farm shop and by mail order but through a range of retailers including Kew Gardens and St Paul's Cathedral.

Founded in 2000, The Aftercare Company is a market leader in providing aftercare solutions for use after tattooing, piercing and laser treatments. They are one of the longest established aftercare companies in the world and the UK's longest serving company.

Owner, Shirley Jaffrey, is a well-known name and face within the aftercare market and is the successful business mind behind The Aftercare Company's long established brand.


A major part of the company's success is credited to how Shirley has worked with her manufacturers over the last 20 years of trading. The relationship and trust has ensured that the quality and consistency of all her products has remained at the highest possible standard.

The success of her skin care range has allowed them to continually provide quality, therapeutic, cost effective aftercare solutions.

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