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Brexit hurrah! Small parcel by post to Europe - Malta actually!

As far as we can tell - so far - from experience in Malta!

  1. Invoices raised by Body & Face will be UK VAT-free on both product and carriage costs - an additional invoice will be raised by the mail service / courier for handling the payment of VAT in the recipient's country.

  2. There will also be a supplementary 'handling charge' for providing this service.

  3. Body & Face will add a telephone number and email address to the invoice to facilitate customs clearance and delivery as is usual practice.

  4. Body & Face will supply additional documentation including a Customs Declaration (see image) plus Proof of Origin (Scotland) and a copy of the Invoice in a Document Wallet attached to the outside of the package. Hopefully local Customs will then not need to open the parcel.

  5. A learning experience so please bear with us!

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