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Lead Times and Covid-19

Body & Face St Cyrus Ltd prides itself on its timely response to Customers. Particularly for established repeat ordering, we aim to be within our self-imposed 14 working days target (starting from having materials to hand).

Unfortunately the emergence of Covid-10 and all its ramifications has made it extremely difficult to maintain our normal efficient just-in-time scheduling.

The increasingly erratic and unpredictable nature of the upstream supply chain, the Covid-19 safety measures and the added admin burden are all combining to make our normal turn-around and lead times very difficult to meet.

We will endeavour to maintain our pre-Covid-19 lead times, but ask that customers give us as much early notice of orders and required delivery dates as they can. In response we will do our best to give as accurate and truthful estimates of what delivery dates we believe we can meet.

We are very sorry that we feel it necessary to issue such a notice, but are confident that customers will appreciate it is better to be realistic and accurate than fail to meet important deadlines for deliveries.

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