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for niche / specialist Private Label Customers. See Product Manufacturing (above) for more details.

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A range of personal care products to suit all skin types - Body & Face Place Aromatherapy, Naturally for Men and Naroma Tea Tree. Please go to Shop (above) to order.

REMINDER - We are open and able to cater for all your personal care needs - both retail and B2B! Please go to Product Manufacturing or Shop on the banner above. Products of the Month for May are our Tea Tree Face & Body Wash and our Tea Tree Body Lotion - known for its healing powers Tea Tree Oil is often referred to as 'a medicine kit in a bottle'  and is considered to be one of the safest antibacterial agents available. Our products gently deep cleanse and soothe the skin without causing irritation.

Helpful Hint: Please do order if you are based outside of the UK - we can supply - but please email your order to as we try to ensure the best delivery option! Have just successfully, post-Brexit, sent an order to Malta. Took some time to arrive though with customs clearance and delivery delays! See our blog for further details. France next!

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